Fabian Meier here, friends also call me "FarbzeN". Born in 1994 in Osterholz-Scharmbeck. Equipped with a big brother and a healthy pair of parents, I came in contact with a home computer very early on. What can I say? It was love on first sight. After quickly working up to the position of Head of Family IT, what followed was the first step into the promised land. I ordered a CD of Kubuntu 8.04 - Hardy Heron. Some of you might ask why I chose to order the product instead of just downloading it. However, if you know what it is like to grow up in the suburbs of the suburbs of the suburbs, you will know that it was way more convenient to wait for 6 weeks for the CD to arrive than to download it via ISDN at 64kbit/s tops. No flatrate. Thus began my journey to the world of Linux. Oh. And I do music stuff with my band DaftSociety as a singer, rapper und guitar player.

Curriculum vitae

After finishing school in 2012 I randomly stumbled into the same company, that my now counterpart at FU-Solutions was doing his training to become an IT-Specialist. I was mainly involved in client support and Windows systems but for my final project, I chose to go full Linux and achieved maximum points in all practical areas. I never liked written exams and evidently, they didn't like me either.

In September 2015 I joined a Solar company as an IT-Systemadministrator doing mostly client support. This was where I quickly learned that my way would sooner or later lead me to Linux and DevOps.

In January 2017 I joined a new company (the same as Ulli) as an Operation Administrator with a focus on Linux. Additionally I take care of all things VM, network, monitoring and data center.


My name is Ullrich Weichert, my friends call me Ulli or UWe, i was born in 1984 in a town called Delmenhorst. I have a sister and a brother, a Mother and... surprise ... a father, too. My biggest success was my daughter, she was born in august 2008. In my free time, if my job let me have some free time, i do sports, watch movies or series, spend some time with my daughter, playing games or working on some projects.

When i was 8 or 9 years old, we get our first PC, an Amiga Commodore 500 Plus - hightech 😉 since then i am very interested in this matter and i spend much time with this little things. The next "Office-PC" was a PC with Windows 95, i remember the time, when we firstly heard the starting melody of windows. The younger ones can no longer know, but by Windows 95 we were used to suffering and grief and especially, you did not have the PC reset every minute. This eventually took a whole day.

Curriculum vitae

2001 i started with my training to become a IT-Specialist. After i finished this training, i spend seven years in the German army and trained recruits and new soldiers, i also was responsible for the client and server administration for the company and later for the battalion. It was a great time and i learned a lot of things. not only technically things.

At the end of 2011 i quit the German army and started a retraining to become a IT-Specialist for system integration. I did that in a midsize company and finished it in January 2014 after 2 1/2 years. In this time i changed my focus from windows to Linux and what can i say... i love it. In July 2016 i changed the company i work for. I work there as Linux administrator. Secondarily i also take care of the network, oracle rac database, monitoring and security.