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Author Ullrich Weichert

In 2004 Ulli joined the german Army as a trainer and IT specialist. In 2011 Ulli completed a retraining as IT specialist for system integration and specialized in Linux. In 2016, Ulli started working for a medium-sized company that serves customers all over Germany as a Linux administrator. Since then, Ulli has been responsible for network, security, firewall and storage as well as Linux topics of all kinds.
Recently he has also become involved with containers and k8s.

Documentation for multipathd

Documentatuon for MultipathD The multipathd supports the devicemapper with the configuration of the harddrives which are mounted with more than one path. Important Files The configuration file for the multipathd is the following: – /etc/multipath.conf This file holds the configuratipn…… Continue Reading →

Perfomanceanalysing with SAR

Perfomanceanalysing with SAR Installation You need to install the package sysstat to use sar. You also need to configue a cronjob, so sar can collect all the great perfomance data. The package comes with the needed cron-configfiles for sar and… Continue Reading →

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