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Fabian Meier here, also known as “FarbzeN” in my circle of friends, born in 1994 in Osterholz-Scharmbeck. Equipped with a big brother and two healthy parents, I came into contact with a home PC of the “You may switch off the PC now” brand at a very early age. What can I say? It was love at first sight. After I quickly rose to the position of Head of Family IT, the first step into the promised land was taken. The order of a CD of Kubuntu 8.04 - Hardy Heron. Some will now wonder why I preferred the post to the download. But anyone who grew up in the suburbs of a suburb will understand that the 6 weeks delivery time is still more pleasant than the weeks of download time of the same product via the at best 64 kbit/s fast ISDN line without a flat rate. So that was the beginning of my way into the Linux world. Oh yes. I also play music with my band DaftSociety as a singer, rapper and guitarist.

Professional career

After completing my central baccalaureate in 2012, I happened to get lost in the very company where my later counterpart at FU-Solutions was completing his retraining as an IT specialist for system integration. There I dealt a lot with client support and Windows systems, but finally achieved my full marks in the practical areas with a purely Linux-based final project. I never liked written exams. And the feeling was mutual.

In September 2015, I joined a medium-sized company in the solar industry as an IT system administrator with a focus on client support. Here I quickly realised that my path would sooner or later lead me to Linux and DevOps.

So in January 2017, I joined a new company (the same as Ulli) as an operations administrator with a focus on Linux. On the side, I support in the topics of VM, network, monitoring and data centre.


Image of w3ich3rt

My name is Ullrich Weichert, my friends call me Ulli or UWe, and I was born in Delmenhorst in 1984. I have two siblings, a mother and… surprise … a father. My most successful project was my daughter, born in August 2008. In my free time, as long as my job allows it, I do sports, like to watch series or films, enjoy doing something with my daughter, gamble or tinker with something.

At the age of 8 or 9, my siblings and I got our first PC, an Amiga Commodore 500 Plus - high tech ;) but with that, my interest in the subject grew and I spent a lot of time with these little beasts. The next “office PC” was to be a PC with Windows 95, I still remember the first time we heard the start-up melody. The younger ones can’t remember, but with Windows 95 we were used to suffering and sorrow and, above all, we didn’t have to restart the PC for every little thing. After all, that took a whole day.

Professional career

So in 2001 I started my professional career with the Staatlich geprüfte technische Assistent für Informatik. After this education I went to the Bundeswehr for almost 7 years and was allowed to serve there as an instructor for recruits and future soldiers, as well as take over the client and server administration for the company and later the battalion. It was a great time and I learned a lot during my time in the Bundeswehr. Not necessarily professionally, but it doesn’t have to be.

After I finished with the Bundeswehr at the end of 2011, I furthered my education and started a retraining to become an IT specialist for system integration. I completed this retraining in a medium-sized company and finished it at the beginning of 2014 after 2 1/2. During this time, I have dealt mainly with Linux and shifted my previous focus on Linux. In July 2016 I started in a new company and am there in the main focus Operations Administrator with focus on Linux. On the side I take care of network, Oracle RAC, security and monitoring in a supportive way.