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Monitoring Kubernetes cluster health with ZABBIX

Ever wanted to use ZABBIX to monitor Kubernetes resources?

Just recently, we got the chance to play around with some Kubernetes resources and create solutions to integrate them into existing environments. One of the most popular topics that popped up was, of course, monitoring.

So we went to work and figured out a way to implement ZABBIX checks for monitoring Kubernetes clusters.


To create a working ZABBIX monitoring solution for Kubernetes clusters and resources you need:

  • 1 ZABBIX server/proxy installation
  • 1+ Kubernetes cluster
    • 1 service account in the “kube-system” namespace
  • 1 ZABBIX agent installed on a kubernetes node
    • 1 set of UserParameters
    • 1 kubeconfig placed in the ZABBIX agent directory


Got everything? Good! Now you can go to our brand new GitHub project and check out what to do next:

ZABBIX Kubernetes checks on GitHub

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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